`iSTEM+’ (read “i-STEM Plus”) stands for `integrated STEM education including more subjects, skills and people’. It is an organisational tool to support a whole-school approach to embedding joined-up STEM education & skills in the curriculum for all learners. Such schools are called `Skilful Schools’ and they work with other partners including nearby schools, parents and employers in `iSTEM+ local clusters’ providing cross-curricular opportunities for the development of both STEM and employability skills.

The concept of iSTEM+ came from CCITE, an educational consortium supported by the HJB Charitable Trust and the Hamilton Trust in Cambridge’s silicon fen bringing together leading thinkers in education, industry, business, research, academia, technology and entrepreneurship to design whole-school STEM solutions. To find out more generally about iSTEM+ click here

There are several iSTEM+ school hubs in our region, all looking for new schools to join in. They are:

Related CPD and school events with local employers can be found here.

  • Gosport, Hampshire- Gomer Junior School, Winners of the Tes 2018 STEM Team of the Year. Full information can be found here