23rd March 2020Staying safe while working from home

As we all try and adjust to different ways of working and interacting, its important to be aware that we are more likely to be targeted by cyber criminals. There have already been some cases of schools being targeted by cyber criminals during the Covid-19 crisis and so we need to remain vigilant.


We, NEN- the education network and NCSC have produced a simple guide aimed at schools (but applicable to anyone) that sets out some of the risks and how to protect against them.

One of our members, SWGfL has produced an excellent article highlighting some of the scams we are seeing that you need to be aware of. You can find it here

Another member, LGfL has also developed a portal dedicated to supporting schools through the COVID-19 crisis. It can be accessed by anyone, not just LGfL schools.

If you fall victim to a cyber security scam either personally or as a school, please report it to Action Fraud.

Some twitter feeds to follow if you want more information: