Viral Contagion

English, Mathematics
Age Groups:
KS3, KS4

These resources help study the literacy issues behind the need to communicate quickly and effectively to help save lives in the event of the outbreak of a biological virus.


Viral Contagion looks at the possible outbreak of a biological virus in an urban area and explores various literacy ideas that such a situation might generate.

Dramatized news reports describe the impact of the virus outbreak across South London, challenging students to consider the use of language behind such scenarios and the need for effective communication and fast to help save lives.

This resource offers a collection of 4 discrete, differentiated lessons that provide an engaging and challenging focus for Key Stage 3 and 4 literacy students.

This unique learning resource features

  • High quality dramatized video scenarios
  • Downloadable lesson plans and resource sheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Full teacher guidance and support

The Making of Viral Contagion

A video showing the different stages of how the resource was created offers an insight into the different challenges involved in creating the fictitious outbreak.


  • This resource features a fictitious portrayal of events that could occur if a biological outbreak occurred in South London.
  • The resource seeks to explore the Maths and literacy, rather than the science of such an outbreak. It should be used in the context of the Maths and Literacy curriculum rather than any basis for the study of the outbreak of disease within a scientific or geographical context.

NEN only resource


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