Online Safety facts……or fallacies?

Citizenship, PSHE
Age Groups:
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS4+

This blog and accompanying videos have been written by Mark Bentley, LGfL’s Safeguarding Manager. Mark raises interesting points about how professionals deliver training and are educating children and young people in online safety. Our over-simplification, of what is often a complex concept, is leading to confusing and unrealistic messages to our young people. Mark raises lots of questions, designed to make you think about the content and how you deliver key online safety behaviours  and strategies.

“I recently gave a talk on ten online safety axioms which might not be as effective as we think for keeping children safe. As it seemed to pique some interest, here’s a quick blog version. You will disagree with some; they are supposed to be provocative and make you ‘stop and think’ (see #1 for why that’s ironic)”

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