Citizenship, ICT, Science, STEM
Age Groups:
KS3, KS4, KS4+

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK (CSC UK) to give students free access to ‘CyberLand’ from 1st May 2020.

CyberLand is a virtual city which provides gamified modules teaching the fundamentals of cyber security such as firewall configuration and digital forensics. There are 16 interactive exercises which are suitable for 12-18 year-olds.

The resources are designed around the concept of protecting ‘CyberLand’ from a cyber-attack and can be accessed here:

A key aim of this initiative is to provide a safe environment for young people to develop their cyber skills whilst mitigating the risk of them inadvertently committing cyber crime offences.

These exercises will be free to access over the coming months to those who wish to develop cyber skills.

The CyberLand Product also contains a module on the Computer Misuse Act 1990, which aims to educate the target audience on the laws governing the cyber landscape. It also signposts them to more positive pathways such as opportunities linked to their digital skills.

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