27th July 2022New version of KCSIE for September 22

From 1st September 2022, all schools will have to adhere to the new version of “Keeping Children Safe in Education” (KCSIE). There are some changes from the current version and it is important that all staff, not just DSLs, are aware of the changes. They include:

  • A specific time span has been added to the transfer of pupil data from one school to another
  • The need for a responsible adult to be present with a child during police investigations
  • The advisory activity of ‘digital screening’ of prospective staff
  • All governors to receive safeguarding training
  • ‘Peer-on-peer’ is now called ‘child-on child’
  • Focus on ‘early intervention’ and recording of low level concerns
  • RSHE curriculum should an opportunity to engage in ‘preventative education’ including racism and radicalisation
  • New resources added

There are also changes to the ‘online safety’ aspects of KCSIE 22. The Education People have written a comprehensive summary review of all the changes for DSLs and governors. It can be found here