1st November 2018Increasing STEM A-Level uptake in girls

The DfE and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) have an exciting opportunity for state-funded secondary schools to test interventions to get more girls to take STEM A-levels.

BIT has a strong track record in improving educational outcomes through evidence-based interventions and participating in this trial would give you access to:

*Free careers resources for parents and students, to broaden student horizons

*Free behavioural-science-based interventions targeting barriers to STEM participation

*A free bespoke report on how to increase STEM A-level uptake in girls

*The chance to be a part of exciting, cutting edge research with the potential to make a major impact on society.

Increasing STEM A-level uptake in girls would give participating schools a boost in funding, via the Advanced Maths Premium. Furthermore, while it is not explicitly a target of the project, the interventions may also boost STEM GCSE attainment. The trial will not be burdensome for the participating schools; BIT will provide all the necessary resources completely free of charge. There are more details in the attached document. Please share with your state-funded secondary schools.If you or your network teachers are interested in participating, please email Kathryn at [email protected].