24/09/2021 2:00 pm to 24/09/2021 4:00 pmSustainable Futures’ Escape Room

The Royal Academy of Engineering and STEM Unity are inviting teachers and their students (ages 9-14) to this STEM activity to celebrate World Recycling Week.

What’s it about? Game based learning – how engineers and scientists are tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges of our age. Inspiring young people to think about careers in sustainable engineering.

How long? 45 minutes.

Who it for? Students aged 9-14 years old.

How many? No limit, however many is comfortable in a classroom.

How much does it cost? It’s free to attend.

What are the prizes? 3D printer and spool for the winning schools

FAQ with more details can be found here FAQ Sustainable Futures Escape Room

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