10/09/2020 3:00 pm to 10/09/2020 4:00 pmFuture Proof? Building digital capacity for a school ‘contingency plan’

Future Proof? Building digital capacity for a school ‘contingency plan’: FE and Secondary schools

Section 5 of the DfE guidance for the full opening of schools details how the DfE expects schools to have contingency plans in place for another outbreak of Covid-19, localised lockdowns, or thinking even further ahead, plans that could help cope with such as ‘snow days’ in the future.

This think-tank event – mainly aimed at supporting FE Colleges and Secondary Schools but open to all – brings together the Demonstrator Schools and Colleges of the East Midlands region to build on their experiences of providing remote education, of learning and teaching through a lockdown and of supporting teachers, pupils and parents and indeed, the lessons learned from Leicester’s ‘localised lockdown’.

Whatever provision you have put in place already, this think-tank will provide a chance to review, to reconsider, and if needs be, to revise.

Teachers from Primary, EYFS and Special school provision are also welcome to attend – many lessons are ‘transferable’ and timing may mean you cannot attend your sector-focused session.

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