5th August 2020DfE Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme

The DfE Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme started in March 2020, with it’s focus on supporting schools and colleges in remote teaching and learning.

The Programme includes a network of schools and colleges across England who exhibit effective practice in the use of technology (the Demonstrators). There are now 37 demonstrator schools and colleges offering, free peer-to-peer virtual support to any state school in England including academies and MATs.


Any eligible school can apply for up to 6 weeks peer support but anyone can access the vast collection of webinars, events and resources via the website. The help on offer varies depending on the needs of the school and has included:

  • staff and student CPD
  • understanding certain features of the school’s technology platform
  • understanding what blended/ flipped learning looks like
  • moving to 1 to 1 devices
  • developing EYFS digital teaching and learning practices
  • establishing a digital strategy
  • engagement (pupil, staff and parents)
  • safeguarding

Why not look at one of our demonstrator’s Primary EdTech for Sept to see a sample of advice that is on offer.

If you are a school or local authority who would like some help in this area, please apply by completing the form here

Full details of the programme can be found on the Ed Tech Demonstrator site

A full list of forthcoming events can be found here

Follow all the activity on twitter @EdTechDemo