16th March 2020Cracking Ideas Competition is back!

The Cracking Ideas competition is back! This year we’re asking young people to ‘make life better’! Aimed at 4-11-year olds across the UK we’re asking them to build on everyday inventions to improve the lives of themselves, friends, family or wider collective groups.

Designed with the help of Aardman, whose invention loving duo Wallace & Gromit feature in the learning materials, Cracking Ideas aim to provide curriculum-led activities that get children engaged with product design and the importance of protecting intellectual property.

The resources can be used in the classroom, self-directed or any other learning setting (e.g. after-school club, youth centre or Scout/brownie groups). They are intended to be used flexibly to adapt to different ages, spaces and interests. Children can learn about research development and product design, explore the core phases of design and technology, to come up with a new invention or rework an existing object. During this process, children will be introduced to Intellectual Property and the importance of sharing ideas.

To view full details of the competiton and all the resources click here

The new competition will be the tenth Cracking Ideas competition and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wallace & Gromit.


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