15th January 2024Cantium ceasing broadband provision to Kent schools

With effect from 1st April 2024, Cantium will no longer be providing broadband services to schools, and have directed schools towards an alternative provider.

We need to ensure that all schools receive a good secure internet service which includes appropriate cyber security and filtering services as specified in KCSIE 2023.

To support this transition South East Grid For Learning (SEGfL) consortium are able to provide a supported transition to a secure network, at the same time as providing filtering, cyber security and other associated services to our schools.

Kent County Council and Cantium are members of SEGfL, so leveraging our experience and services would be beneficial as schools seek new broadband providers meeting security and filtering requirements by the 1st April 2024 deadline imposed by Cantium’s forthcoming broadband termination.

For more information or a quote please contact [email protected].