SEGfL is one of the eight members of NEN- the Education Network, made up of the Regional Broadband Consortia of the UK. All members of SEGfL, at local authority and school level benefit from this membership.

NEN – The Education Network is a learning and teaching resource providing schools with a secure network designed and maintained by experts within the educational community. A dedicated education network, it harnesses the power of broadband technology in order to provide unique content and services, delivering a personalised learning experience in the classroom and enabling users to share learning resources at every level.

Optimised for data-intensive applications, The Education Network provides a number of unequalled advantages for schools, offering a secure and safe environment where issues such as copyright are managed and where teachers, pupils and parents can work confidently together. NEN provides a wealth of services and resources, many of which can only be accessed via a NEN connection.

NEN works with industry and the government to implement and raise standards for the benefit of learners. NEN is the impartial advisor for schools and can also achieve huge savings from aggregated procurement for the benefit of school budgets. NEN also takes the lead in providing advice and support for schools on aspects of online safeguarding.

A number of educational resources have been developed by the members for exclusive use for schools who are part of NEN. These can be found in our Learning Resources section and are tagged with ‘NEN only’. The resources are only licensed for use from the school network and therefore can only be accessed from this network.

NEN- the Education Network is a member of the Digital Policy Alliance, a politically neutral, cross-party voice of the internet and technology sector.