UKCCIS Evidence Review on Children’s Online Acitivties, Risks and Safety



In October, the UKCCIS evidence review group released this year's review on 'Children's Online Activities, Risks and Safety'.

The review focuses on exploring:

  • trends, to understand recent developments and anticipate emerging issues;
  • online risk of harm to children and implications for safety policy and practice;
  • key findings, linking to original reports, highlighting useful graphs and including verbatim quotes from children where available.

The findings of the review may be helpful for DSLs and leaders to consider with regards to implementing effective and appropriate online safety approaches within their settings.


The key findings focus on the following areas:

  • Children's Internet Access and Use
  • Risk of Harm Online
  • Specific Risks Online
  • Vulnerability and Resilience
  • Online Safety Initiatives

To access the full report please go to the link below.